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This is a lie. There is no view of the ocean from here; even on the clearest day. It is on Ocean View Boulevard, so I guess it gets a pass.

One more set from the Esslinger Building in San Juan Capistrano. This is the real reason the swallows come back every year.

Esslinger Building (1939): San Juan Capistrano, California. Easily Orange County’s finest Streamline Moderne building. Of course there isn’t much competition since there’s maybe another 3 or 4 left there.

I think I’m going to start a thing on Friday where I post Art Deco that is not of the period (AKA: Faux Deco, Fart Deco, etc). The CAF (Chicago Architecture Foundation) tastefully refers to it as ‘Deco Echo’. I am going to Christen it: FAKE-ASS FRIDAY. Here is a nice example from North Long Beach.

Point Vicente Lighthouse, Palos Verdes, California. Started up May of 1926. Too Bland to be Art Deco but that’s Santa Catalina Island in the back that has the Art Deco Casino, as well as the Art Deco Wrigley Memorial. Really this is just an excuse to post a bitchin’ panorama shot.

Yep, back on my Griffith Observatory kick…. See the entire mind-numbingly large set by CLICKING HERE [Flickr]

So one of our Burning Man Campmates got married in San Anselmo last weekend so 7 of us from SoCal, 4 from Portland, 1 from Reno, 2 from Frisco, and 1 from London came to see the Petaluma Princess get hitched. The Portland contingent drove down, and are currently taking their time driving back up. One of them texts me about 30 minutes ago with a picture (obviously from NOW as indicated by the movies listed as playing on the Marquee). Great, now I have to drive up to Fortuna for some fancy photos. It’s OK, that’s_ only _********650 miles away….

Los Feliz Manor, 4643 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, California. That last one: I swear it needs a death eater flying out of it.

1558 Hillhurst, Los Angeles, California

Drove up & down California this weekend taking pictures for this Tumbler. Yes, that’s a **lot **of driving. It will take awhile to edit them. Here’s a picture of where me & Ron Burgundy shop for clothing? (from one of the cities I visited).

Famous astronomy dudes at Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California.

That big-ass Duck that’s been going around the world is currently moored next to the very Art Deco Los Angeles Maritime Buding (formerly the Ferry Building between San Pedro & Long Beach.

More Griffith Observatory. That last one. There is a bronze dome there but to make the white part below look good, the dark dome disappears: PHOTO MAGIC ! (Plus you all know how much I hate HDR unless there’s absolutely no other way to figure it out). I swear I post this stuff so I stay in LA instead of moving somewhere -30° cooler all the time.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California [2008]. The knife fight scene from Rebel without a Cause was filmed here, hence the bust of James Dean.