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Usually I’m fairly thrilled when Art Deco folks use my pics to promote Art Deco (with credit & permission). Sadly though, today, one photo was used to bring a call to arms for the **Medic Building in Chicago **to be saved, which is slowly being torn down since it doesn’t seem to have any high-falutin’ landmark protections. Here’s the LINK to the story on the Chidago Art Deco Society’s facebook page.

So my friend, Bad Candy Ben, is in Limey-Land, visiting family… and he sends me this picture about 5 minutes ago. I love my friends…


On this day in Baseball History September 24, 1957: In front of 6,702 fans, the Brooklyn Dodgers blank the Pittsburgh Pirates 2-0 behind Danny McDevitt’s second shutout of the season. This would be the last Dodgers home game played as the Brooklyn Dodgers. 

Baseball Sisco Presents: Dodgers Play Last Home Game as Brooklyn Dodgers September 24, 1957

I’m a big Dodger fan, so this is relevant to my interests…

2008: Some of the more moody-ass pics from the 2008 photo-session with 2650 E Olympic. Especially that first one…

Happy 80th Birthday, Queen Mary… I do enjoy taking pictures of you…

An uncommon look at someone who’s celebrating their 80th.

Hobocentric view of the Sears store on 2650 E Olympic Blvd, Loss Angeles, California.

Uncommon infrared angle of the legendary Sears on 2650 E Olympic Blvd in Loss Angeles, California.


Myrna Loy

Found in It’ll Take The Snap Out Of Your Garters! blog.

It’s Myrna Loy. Of course I am re-posting.

2008: Charles A. Lindbergh Middle School • Long Beach, California. Doesn’t get much more Art Deco than this.

Silver Efex Pro 2, you’re my only friend….

5910 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach , California. That’s about all I know about this place.

This is a lie. There is no view of the ocean from here; even on the clearest day. It is on Ocean View Boulevard, so I guess it gets a pass.

One more set from the Esslinger Building in San Juan Capistrano. This is the real reason the swallows come back every year.

Esslinger Building (1939): San Juan Capistrano, California. Easily Orange County’s finest Streamline Moderne building. Of course there isn’t much competition since there’s maybe another 3 or 4 left there.