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Congrats!! They look amazing, So Well done!

Thank you! 

So… the two coffee table books I co-authored with two other major contributors comes out next week. Got the advance copies in the mail today from Hong Kong. Art Deco Vol. 1 & Art Deco Vol. 2 (I did not come up with the vanilla title). I guess that means I’m all legit & stuff.

Chicago2: xi: OK, so you remember my last post, right? This is the statue on the right side: The Spirit of Radio. The dood on the left side is: The Spirit of Commerce. This is perfect for the crypt of William Carl August Grunow. The Dude made radios in the Golden Age of Wireless, and made… and lost… and made again: a lot of money. So why wouldn’t you have your last stop reflect that fact? This is the most beautiful statue in the world to me. It’s like this perfect hokey blend of Classical with Art Deco. There will be more of her tomorrow.

Chicago2: X: AAAand we’re out of Chicago again… Forest Park, Forest Home Cemetery. Actually what you just saw wasn’t Art Deco at all but some of you know where I’m going with this & know why I have to set this up this way.

Paxxveritas: Are you sneaking a peak at my Queue?

Chicago2: ix: The Adler Planetarium. The last picture is actually what they call a crib. The crib is about a mile offshore. Its job is take in Chicago’s drinking water & then pipes carry it in. It used to be manned but has been automated for well over a decade now. The furniture & living quarters are still in place. Google it up for a better read on it…

Chicago2: viii: So done with Oak Park for this visit. Next time we actually make it back into the City Proper: Adler? Don’t even KNOW ‘er !!!

So, took a one day vacation to San Clemente. One day is obviously all I need when it comes to the hateful Mr. Sun. Why am I posting it here? Because the astute viewer will spot both my Kenny Powers tan lines, as well as the Carbon and Carbide Building.

Chicago2: vii: Oh, the irony, we’re on a part 7 & we’re still not back in Chicago.

W O W ! ! ! Well edited & well smoothed drone footage of downtown Los Angeles. A metric fucktonne of Art Deco. All your DTLA favorites like you’ve never seen them before: Eastern Building, Jewelry Center, etc. It is drones used for good for once… If you love Art Deco like I do, this will be the best video you’ve seen all YEAR….

Chicago2: vi: Oak Park Post Office. This is the last one for this building. Next we’ll visit the rest of the Art Deco in Oak Park…

Chicago2:v: Next to Last of the Oak Park Post Office. I bet I get got all access to this place I could make a nice coffee table book of this place alone

Chicago2: iv: As threatened, more from the Oak Park, Illinois Post Office… Way more to come… I am SHOCKED I did not get kicked out of this place. SoCal post offices are all staffed with Grade A assholes that shout ‘NO PICTURES’ the second you walk in with the big camera. That’s why whenever they announce USPS downsizing & layoffs, I feel zero pity for them.

Oak Park, Illinois Post Office, right up there with Reno, Nevada’s former Post Office in regards to Art Deco beauty. There will be more from here…